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Historic video clips

Aero Club of Southern Tasmania   (ACST) Exclusives

Lloyd Jones ashes over Mt Lloyd   Sep 2017

Cambridge Open Day

ANZAC Day Formation

Provost Jet On Battle of Britain Day

OL'Harry   C172

Jericho   Fly in

Long Down fly in

Top Gun Day Cambridge

Stinson Visits Cambridge

Wynyard  TLAC's

Fonthill   TLAC's

History of Lake Peddar

Aerobatics, Ron Flakowski

ALAC's   Toowoomba

Flying Teapot fly in

ACST 60th Birthday

Lagoon Bay Fly in

WWII Air Strips Time Trials

Bell 212 Wildcat

Bruny Is Fly In

ABC Interview Will Bignall

Caribou Visit

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